To reach Kristianstad and Swedish Karate Open, if travelling internationally, is easiest by airplane to Sweden or Denmark.

Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup, Denmark

The distance from Copenhagen International Airport in Denmark to Kristianstad, Sweden is only 127,9 km and it takes about 1h and 28 minutes by car or bus.

Copenhagen International Airport (CPH), known as Kastrup, is Scandinavia`s largest airport and has the most departures where you can get cheap tickets.

From Copenhagen International Airport you can choose to travel by bus, train or rent a car. You can rent a car at the airport, contact the car rental before arriving.

Sturup Airport Malmö Sweden

The distance between Sturup Airport Malmö Sweden and Kristianstad is 104,6 km and takes about 1h and 14 minutes by rental car or bus. You can rent a car on the airport, contact the car rental before arriving.

Train to Kristianstad


When you arrive at Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup, Denmark, you have to buy your ticket at the airport. You can not buy your train tickets on the train – not having a ticket will cost you 1000SEK/€100 in fines, on the spot!


After buying the train ticket you have to take the escalator to reach the train platform at the basement.


When you have reached the train platform you have to wait for the right train to Kristianstad. NOTE: Some trains may be marked as going to Karlskrona, with Kristianstad being a stop on the way.

Train tickets
One-way tickets from Copenhagen to Kristianstad, and vice-versa, are priced as follows:

Duo Family ticket 369 SEK. This allows the following combinations of travellers on one ticket:
2 adults and 3 children (children under 16 years) or
1 adult and 4 children (children under 16 years) or
5 children (children under 16 years)

One-way ticket, per person:
103 SEK under 16 years of age
205 SEK over 16 years of age

Train schedule

NOTE: Please check the current times on the site of Skånetrafiken to ensure that they are up to date!